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Awaiting 2015
7.5 of 26


HD 4.8 95 min
Deep in the remote English moors, after a horrible car accident, the unconscious lawyer Jake wakes up in the isolated farmhouse of Morris, an overprotecting single father, and his sheltered daughter Lauren. However, almost immediately, a rather peculiar feeling and the premonition that something is really unhealthy between Lauren and her father makes Jake rushing to leave, but when all attempts end up in failure, Jake will soon be led to the conclusion that he is anything but a welcome guest in this house, but rather, a helpless hostage. Gradually, as Jake and Lauren secretly befriend, a rapid descend into paranoia will begin as secrets are violently revealed and no one will be prepared for the consequences.
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Horror
Release: 2015-03-01
Director: Mark Murphy


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